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10 Tricks That’ll Keep You Cool Even If You Don’t Have Air Conditioner

Summer is a lovely season: vacations, beach, and sunny weather. Yet, we have to pay a price for enjoying all the gifts summer gives us — and that is the heat. It can be so unbearable that it might seem like there’s no escape from the scorching sun and stifling air, even at night! Luckily, we’re human, and we can adapt to almost anything.

1. Make buckwheat pillows.

© Fructibus / Wikimedia Commons© CC0 1.0

These pillows have multiple benefits — from reduced snoring to migraine relief. Yet, their best advantage is that they’re breathable, so your body heat quickly escapes the pillow. You can buy them or make your own: grind buckwheat, sift the hulls, and fill your pillowcase with clean buckwheat.

2. Put aloe vera in your bedroom.

© Lionsleeps23 / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY-SA 4.0

This plant is perfect when it comes to cooling down your room. Its leaves have high water content, which means it evaporates moisture into the air through transpiration. Besides, aloe vera loves being in the sun (provided you water it regularly), so it’s a win-win!

3. Use energy-efficient light bulbs.

© JaneArt / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY-SA 3.0© Vitaium / Wikimedia Commons© CC0 1.0

Ordinary light bulbs can easily heat a small room. Although incandescent bulbs can’t heat up your home alone, the fact that they emit 90-98% of energy as heat might add to a stifling environment. In turn, energy-efficient light bulbs or LEDs don’t produce any heat at all.

4. Sleep with a wet blanket.

Hot summer nights might not be so fun when you have to fall asleep fast. Apart from taking a cold shower before bed, you can also sleep with a wet blanket or damp sheets. You don’t have to soak them completely, just a little bit of water will do.

5. Put your socks and bed linens in the freezer.

© Ausra Barysiene /

Place your socks and bed linens in your freezer at least for 10 minutes. You can do it early in the morning or before bed. Put them in a plastic bag first so that they don’t get wet when you take them out. You will easily fall asleep on cold sheets and in cool socks.

6. Make your own AC.

You can turn an ordinary fan into an AC with a bottle of frozen water. Although it only works if you stay near it, it’s better than nothing. Fill a bottle with water and freeze it, put it in front of the fan and make sure it blows toward you. Instant relief!

7. Hang a wet sheet over the window.

Open the window, hang a wet sheet over it, and enjoy the cool breeze. You can also spray your curtains with cold water; the result will be the same. As a last resort, put a wet towel or sheet on your fan.

8. Breathe through your tongue.

© Ministry of Information & Broadcasting / YouTube© Ministry of Information & Broadcasting / YouTube

It might sound weird at first, but you might as well try cooling yourself down from the inside. Stick your tongue out, fold it at the sides, and make sure you leave a passage for the air. Breathe in through your curled tongue (like it’s a straw) and release when you exhale.

9. Sleep with a basin of cold water nearby.

You might still feel hot shortly after taking a shower, or your sheets might quickly get warm again. As a solution, fill a basin with cold water and put it near your bed. Dip your foot or palm in the cold water when you start sweating. You can also freeze a washcloth, it will bring down your body temperature quickly.

10. Sleep on the floor.

© Naty Sweet / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY 2.0

The lower you are, the cooler the temperature is. The heat rises from the floor and travels up. A large cold surface makes you lose body heat rapidly and provides a better night’s rest during hot nights.

What’s the weather like today in your city? What tricks do you know that can help you survive heat waves?

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